DG-No3212-TN-09-2023 regarding exemption from OGEFREM certification

Date: 2023/09/22



Good morning Frida, Austin, Abra & ALL IN COPY,

With reference to the attached and emails below, whereas your client requested exemption from applying for and having the Ogefrem Certification issued for consignments destined for joint Ugandan/DRC construction purposes in the DRC, please take note of the response from the DG Ogefrem Monsieur KAZUMBA MAYOMBO William where he clearly states:  I would like to bring to your attention that any exemption would only have an impact on the 0.5% commission” and that the enquiry shall receive his attention: While waiting to inquire with the relevant authorities what is happening” after which with due consideration pending, if necessary, a subsequent instruction”.

I.e. NB:: As stated in our earlier email below (Please note that until such time that Ogefrem agrees in writing to any exemption, consignments en route must have Certifications issued in terms of Ogefrem DRC Regulations.)


PLEASE NOTE & IMMEDIATELY IMPLEMENT THE INTERVENTION LEVY WITHOUT EXCEPTION FOR ALL SURFACE CONSIGNMENTS – ROAD, RAIL, SELF DRIVEN & AIRFREIGHT CONSIGNMENTS in accordance with the clear instruction given as per attached official document Ref: DG /N0 3212 /TN/09/2023 and repeated below:


“…….and in no way concerns the documents of freight coverage and intervention commission.”


“You are therefore asked to comply with the special mandate contract, pending, if necessary, a subsequent instruction from us.”


In the event of your having any query whatsoever please feel free to forward the attached documentation to any hesitant applicant and where necessary refer same to myself should they require further guidance.


Thanking you all for your diligent performance in the long term interests of our common Ogefrem / Transcom purpose.


Robbie Forbes


Click here to view the official response - DG-No3212-TN-09-2023 (French)


Click here to view the official response - DG-No3212-TN-09-2023 (French with English translation)

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