Office de Gestion de Fret Multimodal
Office de Gestion de Fret Maritime de la Ré publique Démocratique du Congo.
Management Office of Multimodal Freight – Democratic Republic of Congo.
Office de Gestion de Fret Maritime de la Ré publique Démocratique du Congo (OGEFREM)
42, Avenue Kalemie – Comune de la Gombe
B.P. 8038 – KINSHASA I – RDC
Tel: +243 815015327
Fax: +243 815563480

The Office of Multimodal Freight Management (OGEFREM) is a public enterprise of a technical and commercial nature of the Democratic Republic of the Congo with headquarters in the commune of Gombe in the capital City of DRC.
OGEFREM, then initially the Office of Management Of The Cargo Maritime was created by a Presidential decree on 12th November 1980 with the main missions as follows:
  • To be of assistance to shippers
  • To render technical advice to the Government concerning Maritime Transport
  • To promote an efficient National Transport Chain
Since 2009 the OGEFREM had seen its fields of action extend to include all modes of transport (Ocean, Road, Rail, River, Lake and Air) and by Decree on 9th December 2009 signed by the Prime Minister the OGEFREM was renamed as the Office of Management of Multimodal freight.
DR Congo is one of the 19 Member States forming the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), the largest Regional Economic Community (REC) in Africa.
DRC is also a member of the following Regional organizations:
  • Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS)
  • Southern African Development Community (SADC)
  • African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI)
  • Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries (ECGLC)
There are many regulatory departments in the Democratic Republic of Congo that are empowered in regulatory activities such as tax revenue, control & quality assurance (fuel, food, medical...), and pre-shipment inspections, such as that of the Office de Gestion du Fret Multimodal whose responsibilities include inter alia the application of the bylaws of the OGEFREM that all shipments with final destination Democratic Republic of Congo be accompanied by a ‘F.E.R.I. – Fiche É lectronique des Renseignements à l‘ Importation’ in order to ensure that the correct cargo clearances are undertaken from consignment source, en route, and at final DRC port of import.