DRC inaugurates Sakania dry port

Author: XINHUA (www.theeastafrican.co.ke)
Date: 2023/10/06

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DR Congo inaugurates Sakania dry port





President Felix Tshisekedi cuts the ribbon to inaugurate the Sakania dry port in Haut-Katanga Province, the Democratic Republic of the Congo on October 3, 2023. PHOTO | XINHUA


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Felix Tshisekedi on Tuesday inaugurated the Sakania dry port, a Chinese-built megaproject.

During his field inspection, Tshisekedi described the dry port of Sakania as a modern one, hoping it could serve as an example for other ports of DRC.

Bordering Zambia, the dry port is located in southeastern Haut-Katanga Province, a main border post of DRC and constitutes an important mining channel.

Infrastructure and Public Works Minister Alexis Gisaro Muvuni said the project is expected to propel local socio-economic development and increase connectivity between the DRC and other regional countries.

For his part, Chinese Ambassador to the DRC Zhao Bin said that the port's inauguration is another fruit born from the win-win cooperation between China and the DRC.


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