Important update regarding Additional Ogefrem Certification costing changes EFFECTIVE 1st APRIL 2023

Author: Robbie Forbes
Date: 2023/03/30

Good day to our Valued Clients,


Please take careful note that as per the attached Ogefrem Directive (English& French - scroll) that with effect 1st March 2023, that there are additional Ogefrem Certification costing adjustments advised as now shown in the 004 Tariff Schedule attached , and as now updated clearly in the Transcom Ogefrem Certification attachment.


The attached Official Notification has since publication been under discussion between Ogefrem HQ and the Ogefrem appointed Agents resulting in one subsequent amendment now included in the schedules referred to above.




A           Due to the discussions referred to above, Transcom made the decision to apply the cost reduction for the Admin from EURO 50.00 to EURO 40.00 upon confirmation received from Ogefrem HQ, with our then passing on the reduced costs through crediting our valued clients’ accounts when having charged the EURO 50.00 after the published effective date - which we trust met with your approval.


B            New Ogefrem Costing Adjustments Effective 1st March 2023 – Effective 1st April 2023 for Certificates issued by TRANSCOM & TRANSCOM LISTED SUB-AGENTS


  1. Minimum Vrac (Weight charge) cost of Euro 20.00 per Ocean,  Regional Road & Rail, Airfreight Certifications. Effective 1st March 2023

    Transcom Services will not be requesting of our clients any backdated minimum Vracht cost differences in costings between that Invoiced by Transcom and the new costings advised in the attached schedules, but will be invoicing in accordance with the new published rates with effect 1st April 2023.


  2. Certificates of Continuance processed per issued Ocean FERI Certificate - Reduction in costs from the 21st CDC Certificate issued. Effective 1st March 2023

    Transcom Services will where the validated number of CDC Certificates since 1st March has exceeded 20 CDC’s per FERI Certificate and a USD 20.00 been invoiced from the 21st CDC Certificate - then credit the client with the USD 17.00 difference per Certificate, and be invoiced in accordance with the new published rates with effect 1st April 2023.


  3. Airfreight FERI – Flat rate of Euro 0.10/kg. Effective 1st March 2023

Airfreight Certificates validated and invoiced by Transcom Services since 1st March 2023, will not be backdated at the published rates effective 1st March 2023, but will be invoiced in accordance with the new published rates with effect 1st April 2023.


We would further advise that additional changes have and are being made daily by Ogefrem to the Ogefrem application site that we understand will require the FXI Number as a mandatory submission, and will keep you updated with any progress made.


We would sincerely thank All of our Staff, Sub-Agents and esteemed Clients for their patience, tolerance, understanding, and valued support to date, as we look forward to the privilege to offer and gratefully accept your Certification Applications for the long term future.


Should anyone have any query or questions concerning the abovementioned, please contact us at your convenience.


Click here to view the official OGEFREM release


Click here to view the updated OGEFREM certification introduction document


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