Facilitation of international maritime traffic: OGEFREM pleads for the ratification of the Fal Convention

Author: CHRIS MUTOMBO / EUGENE KHONDE (https://laprosperiteonline.net/)
Date: 2022/10/08

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Facilitation of international maritime traffic: OGEFREM pleads for the ratification of the Fal Convention

From right to left, William Kazumba, CEO of Ogefrem, Marc Ekila Deputy Minister of Transport and the Representative of the SG of the IMO

Under the impetus of the International Maritime Organization, IMO in acronym, the Multimodal Freight Management Office, led by its Director General William Kazumba Mayombo, is in a capacity building seminar on the facilitation of international maritime traffic Convention Fal .

Opened this Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at Beatrice Hotel, by the Vice-Minister of Transport, Communication Channels and Accessibility, Mr. Marc Ekila Likombo, representing the Minister in charge Chérubin Okende prevented, this international seminar which will last three days, from October 5 to 7, 2022, takes into account the participation of international experts and operators of the maritime sector, IMO consultants, experts and General Managers of companies under maritime transport supervision.

First to speak, the representative of the Secretary General of the IMO gave the quintessence of these foundations in the field of international maritime trade.

Given the imperative and irremediable nature required by the use of the Fal Convention, the CEO of the Multimodal Freight Management Office, William Kazumba, requests the support of the Government of the Republic through technical supervision for the ratification of this False Convention. This will allow Ogefrem to fully play its role as a Council of shippers and shippers to benefit from all the advantages attached to it like other African countries, specifies the boss of Ogefrem. Because, he added, it is in the interest of the DRC, a landlocked country whose economy is essentially extroverted, to engage in it.

A view of the seminar participants

Previously, William Kazumba, DG of Ogefrem placed his words well to thank with deep respect, the Head of State, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, for having placed his trust in their modest person in order to preside over the destiny of this big machine that is Ogefrem. His thanks also went straight to the Prime Minister, Head of Government Sama Lukonde and the Minister in charge Chérubin Okende for his personal involvement in the materialization of this seminar based on the facilitation of international maritime traffic.

FAL Convention

Entering into force in 1967, this convention aims to simplify formalities, documentary requirements and procedures for the transport of goods from the country of embarkation or origin to the country of destination or country of arrival.

According to DG Kazumba, statistics show that countries with an infrastructure of the Fal Convention have better turnover figures for both imports and exports.

For that reason, he appreciated IMO's technical assistance.

Thus, the said seminar will effectively equip the authorities, executives and agents of the maritime sector on the procedures for setting up the single window and the advantages linked to its ratification for the Congolese maritime industry.

But beyond that, the DG says he is confident that thanks to the participation of IMO experts and consultants in this seminar, the various stakeholders: government, parliament and operators in the sector, civil society, etc., will ask the acts that are necessary in order to boost the field of foreign trade thanks to the mechanism of the Fal Convention.

Resolutely committed to the mission of facilitation and assistance in favor of importers and exporters of the DRC in their daily activities and of all stakeholders in the sector, it goes without saying that Ogefrem emphasizes the infrastructure of support for the activities of shippers and end-to-end Congolese freight management instruments, that is to say, from the country of origin, producer to the destination, country of arrival. 

A listening ear

For his part, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Ways of Communication and Accessibility, Mr. Marc Ekila, first paid tribute to the President of the Republic Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, for his vision based on "people first and which gives the impetus to commit to revitalizing the maritime transport sector on the path of development and to make it a pillar if not a real engine of economic growth.

Then, to the Prime Minister Sama Lukonde and the Minister of TRANSVCOM Chérubin Okende by equipping the Authorities, executives, agents and public and private companies of the maritime sector, the process of setting up the Single Window on the Fal Convention for the facilitation of international maritime traffic.

Against all odds, he called on the delegates of companies and administrations of the Congolese maritime sector to pay sustained attention to this seminar during which the substantive questions on the general articulation of the Fal 45 convention and its applicability in DR-Congo, IMO member country.

To do this, he invites all experts to seize this opportunity to analyze the operation and current architecture of the DRC's one-stop shop in order to propose improvements if necessary and complete, in the best interests of the Republic, the process of ratification.

Family photo with the Experts and Consultants of the Maritime sector

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