URGENT: OGEFREM Reduction of Admin Fee

Author: Robbie Forbes
Date: 2023/03/07



Good morning Everyone,

Please take careful note that as per the attached Ogefrem Directive (English& French - scroll) that with effect 1st March 2023, that the Admin Fee of EURO 50.00 per Ocean FERI & CDR Certificate is reduced to EURO 40.00 per Certificate.

Regretfully the attached Official Notification was emailed and received in confirmation at 17h08 on Saturday 4th March 2023, and we would apologise for any inconvenience resultantly caused to our valued clients.

>            Certificates issued and Validated with final Invoices issued from 1st March 2023 to time of Transcom Services Website and administration system changes  to EURO 40.00 will be credited to our clients in a bulk itemised credit with EURO10.00 per applicable Certificate so issued.
>            Certificates issued still in Draft with Proforma Invoices issued from 1st March 2023 at time of Transcom Services Website and administration system changes  to EURO 40.00, will have the final Commercial Invoice adjusted to only apply the Euro 40.00 Admin Fee to our clients account.

We shall keep all updated as to timing of the Transcom Services Web and Administration system changeover...

We would advise that additional changes have and are being made daily by Ogefrem to the Ogefrem application site, simultaneously to our having received additional Ogefrem Directives where we have found some to be conflicting in application with each other, for which we have requested guidance in terms of practical application, and will keep you updated with any progress made.

We would sincerely thank All of our Staff, Sub-Agents and esteemed Clients for their patience, tolerance, understanding and valued support to date, as we look forward to the privilege to offer and gratefully accept your Certification Applications for the long term future.

Should anyone have any query or questions concerning the abovementioned, please contact us at your convenience.

Click here to view the official OGEFREM release.

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