Warning from OGEFREM HQ regarding value reductions

Author: Jean-Marie Mumi / Robbie Forbes
Date: 2021/03/01

Please find below a very stern warning from Monsieur Jean-Marie OGEFREM OPERATIONS HQ, concerning the requesting of amendments to FERI Certificates contrary to our terms of Ogefrem mandate.


Please ensure that your clients are clearly advised to check their DRAFT CERTIFICATES VERY CAREFULLY before approving for Validation.


“Hello dear partners, we have noticed that since the end of the moratorium period and the entry into force of the penalty, your customers ask you to create a second FERI even after the arrival of the ships, in which they reduce all the values and you establish this second FERI by playing and manipulating the control parameters put in the system. We invite you to ban this practice which constitutes gross negligence in the provisions of the contract and may result in its termination. Thank you.”

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