Temporary certification issue delays

Author: Robbie Forbes
Date: 2021/03/22



Most of you that have today efficiently applied for Ogefrem Certifications through our Transcom & Sub-Agent web sites will at this time regretfully be waiting for Draft Certifications for FERI MARITIME ; REGIONAL & CONTINUANCE CERTIFICATES OF DESTINATION, the delay for which we would sincerely apologise for any inconvenience temporarily caused.


This delay is a temporary necessity brought about by OGEFREM HQ having over the past 24 hours implemented substantial additional security updates to protect the confidential information included in your applications as submitted by your good selves.


These specific security updates are currently being attended to/implemented 24/7 by both the Ogefrem and Transcom web site development teams to ensure that this temporary delay is limited to a maximum of 24 hours.


We would under the circumstances assure you of our dedicated commitment to your receiving your Certifications timeously to limit any consignment clearing/delivery delays, whilst our global staff compliment have prepared your Applications and are on 24/7 standby to immediately action all Applications received for Validating as soon as these updates are completed


I would sincerely thank each and everyone of you for your patience, kind understanding and valued support.

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